River Road ISD STAAR scores set example for other schools -By Nyzah McDonald, NewsChannel 10 Reporter

River Road ISD STAAR scores set example for other schools...
Posted on 06/05/2018

Recent STAAR test scores revealed an increase for almost every grade level at River Road Independent School District. 

River Road Assistant Superintendent Andy Nies said the students aren't just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.

"We're seeing not only an increase in passing, but also on the college-ready and the masters," said Nies. "For example, in 8th grade math, we're at 95 percent passing and also had an increase across the board in meets and masters."

Nies said the increase is due partly to the quality of teachers within the district. 

He added it's important for teachers to meet students where they are in their level of learning. 

"We want our teachers to work with students at all different levels," said Nies. 

Neis added this means continuing the district's work to ensure students score better than they did the previous year more so than just passing. 

Region 16 works with local and area school district's like River Road to ensure teachers are prepared for all aspects of student success. 

"We like to give services that are cross-curricular, so that teachers aren't only just specific in that one area," said Special Education Liaison for Region 16 Kelisa Nelson. "We want teachers to take the practices and strategies they learn and use them in any area of their teaching.

 All STAAR scores are expected to be released within the next week.

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